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Complete relief. There’s no other feeling like it! When your body is free from nagging aches and pains, life is simply more enjoyable. To experience the benefits of remedial and relaxation massage to regain movement, eliminate pain and restore quality back to your life – book our expert massage practitioners today.


Our Services

Our highly experienced and trained practitioners focus on your overall wellbeing with specific services to relieve chronic or disease related conditions.

Sports, remedial, myo-facial release, and isometric stretches are some of the techniques we use in dealing with physical stress and discomfort as a result of work, sports and activities. Conditions such as headaches, RSI, back pain, shoulder and neck problems, general fatigue, sports activity sprains and strains, and the conditions of a sluggish system.

We target muscle recovery by releasing tension and stress built up in the soft tissue, using stretching, range of motion exercises and effective massage techniques which get you back to optimum health and performance. 


Let’s face it…less pain…more choices we can make to enjoy life!

Remedial Massage

Most Popular

Studies have shown that remedial massage provides positive benefits for many health disorders. 

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

Useful for anyone who exercises to increase flexibility, prevent injuries and help with healing after a sports injury.

Relaxation, Corporate or Workplace Massage

Relaxation massage helps to de-stress and loosen up your body. It’s perfect for those who have had a hard working week, or feel like treating themselves to some TLC. 

Pregnancy, Baby and Infant Massage

Pregnancy massage is designed to relieve some of the aches and pains that can be common during pregnancy. Massage has soothing benefits to both babies and infants, too. 

Treat Yourself

Relax.  Enjoy.

Meet our Principal Therapist


Easily connecting with people with genuine understanding and expert care is at the heart of who founder and principal therapist Eva Bialobrzeski is. 
She believes that the soothing benefits of massage eases the cause of muscle tension more effectively than suppressing pain through artificial, or chemical means, in certain cases.  Massage in a healthy, athletic body can also create optimum performance, and more efficient body function.                                                                          Eva has over 16 years as a qualified, remedial massage health practitioner with diplomas in remedial massage, myo-fascial release, isometric stretches, trigger point, sports and deep tissue massage. Her expertise extends to muscular skeletal assessments, whole health support and advice.                                                                            As a member of  AAMT and the Australian College of Massage, Eva welcomes the advice of professional doctors or their assessment. Working in a supporting role with physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors, and other allied health professionals, is something Eva has always practiced for an optimum recovery and wellbeing outcome for clients who are referred regularly to Balance Mobile Massage.

At Balance Mobile Massage we combine years of qualified, practical training and the highest standards of professional massage therapy to bring you much needed relief and mobility.                                                                Our friendly and expert practitioners will get you moving and enjoying life again!


Monthly Membership

Never miss out on feeling the life changing benefits of remedial massage again. Balance Mobile Massage realise that life gets hectic and much needed  massage appointments can get overlooked. With our unique monthly membership we offer you a regular monthly booking for your massage plus no booking fee when you book and pay 6 months in advance. Great discounts are available in our online shop for members.

Prepare for a Visit

We want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. That’s why we come to you in the privacy of your own home. We’ll take you through the whole process step-by-step. Each session starts off with a private consultation to find out exactly what you need and want. If you feel uncomfortable about anything let us know.  
Many first time clients worry about having to get undressed. Not a problem. You are always securely covered throughout your massage treatment.                                                            We even invite you to play your favourite music.

Keep In Touch

Email us anytime:          We love to keep in touch with our valued clients.